Summary of Project Overland

This is officially the final post of Project Overland, hip hip, hooray! Just thought I’d add a quick summary to answer everyone’s unspoken questions about money.

Where did we go?

See the table below for a full breakdown, but we visited 20 different countries on our trip if you include Scotland. We spent an average of two weeks in each country but it varied a lot, a maximum of (I think) 87 days in France and a minimum of 3 days in Switzerland. I was getting keen to draw a box and whisker graph with this data but then realised it probably isn’t interesting enough to justify it.

A screenshot from, each pin represents a place we stayed overnight in Europe

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As our train chugged its way up the east coast of the UK, I was closely following the little blue dot on Google Maps that represented our position. Slowly but surely it made its way toward the Scottish-English border. I was briefly distracted by the coastal scenery and when I looked back at my phone…

Andy! We’re in Scotland!

We’ve made it!

I must say, Andy was pleased but not quite at my four-exclamation-marks level of excitement. He went back to listening to his podcast.

I can’t honestly tell you if this photo was taken in England or Scotland

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