Let’s Camel Up!

On Sunday we had booked to go kayaking on Palau Ubin which is an island to the northeast of Singapore. Palau Ubin is meant to be reminiscent what an old Singaporean Village was like.

It turns out you need to book the kayaking at least two days in advance. We wanted to book the six hour Ubin Bisect Tour which is meant to be harder, but when we rang on Friday they seemed to only have the four hour Mangrove Tour available on Sunday. It took them a while to confirm exactly what the options were. Fortunately Hank had bought a SIM card as there were a number of emails back and forth, culminating in us needing to provide our details and pay via credit card on Saturday evening so that the company could buy insurance.

We headed out on the MRT then a bus to Changi Village Ferry Terminal. Here we got onto a ‘bumboat’. These only depart once they have 12 passengers but basically as soon as we arrived a man pointed at us and said ‘Ubin’ then ushered us onto a boat.

Boats to Palau Ubin

Boats on the way to Palau Ubin

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