In the steps (and seats) of great physicists

The easiest way to get our bikes into central London was, as always, just to ride them. We picked a slightly longer route which followed the last little bit of the official Avenue Verte, it was actually pretty good cycling into the city on one of the ‘cycle superhighways’ (I love that phrase, I feel like I must bike at least several kilometres per hour faster when I’m on one just because of the name). Then we hit the city. Around Buckingham Palace the cycle lane somehow jumped across three lanes of traffic to go around a roundabout against the flow of the traffic. I will reserve overall judgement on cycling in London but based on our small experience I would say that there are some great cycle paths but also some high-risk, high-traffic linking sections. Happily we made it to the train station with no issues.

Bye bye London

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A week in London

In London we were staying with Andy’s friends Sam and Nicole who lived in the suburb of Tooting. They shared a flat with eight other people, including I think three other kiwis but honestly I struggled to keep track of who lived there. We were doing the classic kiwi thing, sleeping in their lounge.

Tooting turned out to be full of different ethnic restaurants and we quickly managed to tick another item off our Typical English Food list – an Indian curry. Various flatmates enthusiastically recommended Mirch Masala which is allegedly the favourite restaurant of Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London. I briefly tried to fact check this and couldn’t conclusively confirm that it was his favourite, but it was pretty delicious and the first proper Indian food we’d had in a long time.

For our first day in London we eschewed the central city and instead went for a walk/run to Richmond Park which is home to 630 deer. That’s right, there are herds of deer roaming around a London Park. It’s so epic. We were there during the roar (mating season) and it was the first time I’d been able to watch deer while they were booming or roaring or grunting or whatever it’s called. It was fascinating watching some of the male deer protecting their harems. Such a cool park.

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Cycling to London

We took it really easy cycling from Seaford to London. It wasn’t very far but we tried to delay our arrival to be closer to the weekend when we figured more of our friends would be available. Then the weather was kind of average which dissuaded us from moving quickly. We ended up taking a full day off after each day of cycling, although some of the cycling days were surprisingly difficult. The South Downs are pretty hilly and some of the tracks were quite muddy. Andy finally reaped the benefits of his mudguards while without any protection my bags and I got splattered. Mudguards: 1, Brittany: 0.

Nothing particularly exciting happened so I am going to try out a picture-based blog post. That’s a legitimate technique right?

Layering issues as we leave Seaford in average weather, jacket on or jacket off?

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The best Airbnb in the world

England! The land of our forefathers! The homeland! We had made it.

Our initial welcome consisted of the immigration officer giving me a massive grilling. How long are you going to stay? How will you support yourself? Are you planning to undertake any work, paid or unpaid?

Entering the UK with a stream of campervans and freight trucks

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