Local Australian wildlife

Two things have characterised our time in Australia: bugs and babies.

We spent the first few days staying with Andrea, Gregor and their son Max. They live on a farm in South Queensland near a whole lot of places with names that are really fun to say; Murrwillumbah, Binna Burra, Coolangatta, Tumbulgum. Try saying some, enjoyable for the whole family.

Their farm is great, it’s in a beautiful valley and they’re growing lots of vegetables. Unfortunately it is in Australia so is inhabited by a number of animals that are out to kill you. We were greeted on our first night by a huntsman spider in the bathroom. It was really big, and we both immediately wimped out. We were too scared to take any photos for the blog, sorry about that. Andrea saved us from the menace by throwing it outside, and then proceeded to inform us that it was only a small one. Welcome to Australia.

The farm has a swimming hole in Cave Creek. We walked from here up to Natural Bridge which is a huge rock arch in the nearby Springbrook National Park. This walk was on private property and was really pretty, rockhopping up the stream. We did see one snake but fortunately it saw us first and slithered away. I refused to walk in front. One thing that Andy and I learnt last time we tramped in Aussie is that the person in front encounters all the snakes.

Cairns in Cave Creek

Someone had a lot of fun stacking rocks

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And it begins…

On Friday 25 November 2016 we awoke at 4:15am to an eerily quiet Auckland and the beginning of our trip.

4:15 AM is a horrendous time of the morning and should be eradicated from the planet earth, luckily our friend-o Leighton volunteered to endure this time of day and dropped us off at the airport. (We’re pretty sure he’s accruing brownie points to be cashed in at a later date for some nefarious purpose).

Of course we took a classic pre-trip selfie for your viewing pleasure:

Andy and Brittany about to start Project Overland

Not bad for 6am, although I failed to actually get our plane in the shot

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