Making pasta in the apocalypse


After Palmy we headed back to Waikanae to see my mum. On Sunday night we were hit with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake (in Kaikoura) fortunately we were all ok. Then on Tuesday a heavy storm caused flooding and slips which closed the main highways in and out of Wellington. Finally on Wednesday there was apparently a small tornado […]

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The Palmerston North food coma

We have spent the last three days eating. All the time. We have been staying with Andy’s parents in Palmerston North and it has been great catching up with his family. Before coming, Andy ordered all of the different meals that he wanted to eat so since Friday we have eaten: Hainanese chicken rice Wonton […]

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See ya South Island

Andy on the ferry

The drive to Nelson was in the pouring rain, an inauspicious start to the trip. We had a great time catching up with friends, visiting an open home, eating freshly killed venison and checking out The Freehouse (a pub). Andy would like to make a special mention of the urinal at The Freehouse which was […]

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All packed up!

Everything fits in the Jazz

We’ve done it! All of our worldly possessions have somehow been neatly packed into a Honda Jazz. It’s not even that full – look! So now it’s time to say goodbye to our flat and head off on our road trip. We have about three weeks before we fly out of Auckland so we’ll be […]

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Introducing… Project Overland

Wooh we’re going on holiday!! We are going to travel overland (no flights) from Singapore to Scotland. For our trip we (well, mainly I) have proposed the following rules: All travel is to be overland once we start in Singapore – bus, train, car, bike, boat, foot, camel, moped, tuk tuk, mongolian pony etc Flights […]

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Biking over Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass. Passo dello Stelvio. 2758m. 75 zig zags. But the hostel owner in Menaggio had told me I would be fine. No worries mate, she’ll be right. It wasn’t until the day before that I started researching what was actually involved. Around 1500m of climbing over 22km. I had climbed about 700m up to […]

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The Sentiero Valtellina

I had the best time at Menaggio Youth Hostel – La Primula. A group of us went canyoning with Alberto from Lake Como Adventures which was awesome (and we even made it into one of his website’s photos!). I went for a walk up to Refugio Menaggio with an Australian backpacker. And every night the hostel put on a […]

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A visit to the patron saint of cycling

Me at Madonna del Ghisello

Lake Como is a common destination for cycling-inclined travellers. There are many day rides and you could easily base yourself there for a week and explore. One of the popular climbs is up to the church of Madonna del Ghisallo, the patron saint of cycling. At the start of my cycle tour it felt very appropriate to make […]

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Arrival into Italy

Border crossing between Switzerland and Italy

I successfully transported my bike on the train from Chamonix to Zurich to visit some family friends. A few days before I was due to leave I still hadn’t confirmed my cycle route. One main cycle route from Switzerland into Italy seemed to be over St Gotthard Pass. The prospect of a lot of traffic on the […]

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The slightly pornographic bike shorts

New bike on the train through Switzerland

After about four weeks of travel Mum and I had arrived in Chamonix, France. Chamonix is a mecca for outdoors stores so I got keen on the idea of getting kitted out for my impending cycle tour. We came across the bike shop Zero G Chamonix where I tried on some bike shorts and started […]

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The amateur cycle tourist

Hello, welcome! This section of our blog is all about me (Brittany) and my cycle travels around Italy in 2014. I planned the trip before Andy and I got together, so after seven weeks with my mum in Europe I was travelling solo. It is now 2016 and I am writing these blog posts retrospectively. […]

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