About Us

Welcome to our blog! We are Brittany and Andy, otherwise known as Team Brandy. We’re from New Zealand and go on a lot of tramping (hiking), biking and skiing adventures. We also eat a lot of brunch. Brunch is delicious.

This blog is intended to record some of our adventures and maybe help other people plan theirs. The most important things we always pack are food, decent shoes, head torches and a childlike sense of wonder.

Andy and Brittany attempting to ski tour at Mt Cheeseman

Andy and Brittany attempting to ski tour at Mt Cheeseman

We have decided to go on a classic kiwi OE (overseas experience for you non-kiwis). The plan is to spend a year travelling to Scotland at the end of which we will try to find interesting engineering jobs. We have named this epic adventure ‘Project Overland’ for reasons that will soon become obvious.

The Rules

For our trip we (well, mainly Brittany) have proposed the following rules:

  1. All travel is to be overland once we start in Singapore – bus, train, car, bike, boat, foot, camel, moped, tuk tuk, mongolian pony etc
  2. Flights are acceptable as long as it is a return flight back to the same location. No net progress can be made by flying.

Here is the original plan of our route:

 The Money

The main aim of the trip is pure travel. We have saved up money from four years of working since university. Both of us still have student loans which we are putting on hold and will have to pay interest on. If we run out of money or want to stay somewhere for a while we might do some volunteering/woofing/work in exchange for food and board.

Through Asia we will be typical backpackers. In Europe we intend to cycle tour and camp. The aspirational budget for the whole trip is NZ$50 per person per day.

The Blog

During the trip we will try to regularly blog about what we are up to and share our photos. Most of the writing is done by Brittany, with photos from both of us. The aesthetically pleasing photos are probably Andy’s, Brittany is more into taking tourist shots “for the blog” on her phone.

If you would like you can start at the beginning of the trip here.