Cycling to London

We took it really easy cycling from Seaford to London. It wasn’t very far but we tried to delay our arrival to be closer to the weekend when we figured more of our friends would be available. Then the weather was kind of average which dissuaded us from moving quickly. We ended up taking a full day off after each day of cycling, although some of the cycling days were surprisingly difficult. The South Downs are pretty hilly and some of the tracks were quite muddy. Andy finally reaped the benefits of his mudguards while without any protection my bags and I got splattered. Mudguards: 1, Brittany: 0.

Nothing particularly exciting happened so I am going to try out a picture-based blog post. That’s a legitimate technique right?

Layering issues as we leave Seaford in average weather, jacket on or jacket off?

Wooh, greenway! Brittany gets overexcited as always.

We are following a series of National Cycle Network routes which form the Avenue Verte on this side of the Channel. Some of the mile markers are cool and artistic like this one.

I loved the old-fashioned road signs and the town names. Wasn’t so keen on using miles, everything seems much further in miles. (Avenue Verte sign in the background!)

This piece is titled “Cooking in the dark is shit”, composed in the rain behind a toilet block. Needless to say this campground was lacking in covered outdoor cooking spaces. Fortunately there was a common room to eat in. I was even given cake by a group from The Camping and Caravanning Club. Thanks guys!

Pretty English countryside. Not much more to say really.

Our first Sunday roast! It was delicious although it took us a couple of trips to the pub before we really understood the etiquette of ordering at the counter then finding your own table.

In Lingfield we spent our day off going for a walk

The network of public footpaths is pretty awesome

During our post-walk pub visit we met a local guy who told us an enormous amount of history about the area. He recommended we visit this historic church in town.

One of the brass rubbings inside the church

In the Lingfield campsite we were right on the Gatwick flight path. Planes are quite loud when you’re sleeping in a tent. The cycle route then passed right next to the runway and practically through the airport buildings.

We’re getting so close!

Random lake we passed

So close! We could see some London skyscrapers from here.

Surely this is a sign we’re almost in London

Ooh terraced houses

SQUIRREL!! Still such a novelty.

So yeah, that was our trip to London. Visited some pubs, hung out in campgrounds, went for some walks. Got overexcited about squirrels. Oh, and one of the baffles on our second sleeping mat broke. So it is still at the semi-comfortable stage but at any moment it could break again and become truly unusable. All of our gear is really starting to fall apart. But we successfully completed the Avenue Verte so we probably won’t need to camp again for a while at least. Time to see some sights in the capital.

29 September 2017 Seaford to Crowborough 51km
01 October 2017 Crowborough to Lingfield 27km
03 October 2017 Lingfield to Tooting, London 57km
Total distance cycled: 3,287km

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